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Our journey begins in early 2021 when we couldn’t find a good quality accessible yet not overpriced dry aged beef. We couldn’t find a single place that will allow us to purchase a Dry aged steak on demand without the need to pre-order and without spending a premium price on a non-premium steak.


We decided to open a small shop to dry age beef for ourself and our friends. The first time we Dry aged our steaks to 30 days we were over the moon and decided that we are going to take it to the next level. Unfortunately, we couldn’t age our beef to our standards beyond 45 days without it developing the “funky” aromas and flavors, some like it, we don’t.


These aromas and flavors as a sign of contamination, and we believe that a steak should taste as a steak without overwhelming rancid flavors. It took us 6 months and a lot of trial and error to develop the correct technique in order to get the best results from each and every cut. We made it, we opened our doors for walk in customers in November 2021 with a clear mission to make dry aged beef accessible to all, at any day and any price point.


We are the only place in Singapore that cuts dry aged beef to order with a very wide verity of cuts from 20 days aged, all the way up to 200 days aged cuts. Grass fed, Grain Fed, Aussie Wagyu, Japanese Wagyu, USDA and more. We are enthusiasts and perfectionist; we will never sell a steak that we wouldn’t pay for personally. We love beef!