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The Slab is sold fresh and the price is inclusive of up to 60 days Dry Aging in our facility. Whenever you would like a steak we will slice and trim a portion according to your liking. You can take it as a whole or a steak at a time, the slab is yours.


*Prices are per kg and for gross weight before aging.


*You can age the slabs as long as you want at no extra charge.


*You can take a portion of the slab whenever you want while the rest will age further as long as you want.


*During dry-aging, there is a loss in moisture and trimmings 30%-45% in total, depending on the aging duration and type of cut.


*All the trimmings will be provided as well and can be used for cooking as flavor enhancer.


*Steaks are sliced at your preferred thickness and individually vaccum sealed.


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Know your beef

The different types of slabs available at Maturo

USDA Super Prime

USDA Beef is known for its quality and sweet flavours due to the corn diet of the cattle. Only 2.5% of USA beef qualify as prime grade, out of it only the top 20% qualify as Super Prime, only 0.6% of USA.

Galiciana Vintage MB 3+

The farmers have turned their breeding cattle out to pasture for retirement where they feed only on grass. These roamers further mature in a relaxed environment and are not processed until they are at least 60 months old – more than twice the age of regular cattle. Because the cows are older, the meat has a rich, developed grass fed flavour alongside superb marbling, resulting in a unique dining experience.

Pure Black ANGUS

Pure Black Grass Fed Angus beef is grown in southern Victoria & Tasmania, regions renowned for their abundant rainfall, clean air and a pristine environment. Young cattle thrive on green pastures in a relaxed setting to ensure their meat is beautifully soft and tender without the need of added hormones. This region is home to many premium breeds, but the real king of Pure Black Beef is Angus.


- Hand Selected Angus cattle

- MSA Graded to achieve 4 & 5 Star Grades

- Antibiotic & Hormone free

- Humanely Handled & Sustainable

Stockyard 200 Days Grain Fed

Angus cattlelong grain fed for minimum of 200 days with special formulated high energy grain ration at the award winning Kerwee Feedlot.


Stockyard does not use hormone gropwth promotants, antibiotics, animal by-products or genetically modified feedstuff on its cattle.

Stockyard Aussie Wagyu Beef

Stockyard Wagyu beef is derived from animals with genetics from Crossbred Wagyu F1 50% to Wagyu Fullblood 100%.  The cattle are fed in our feedlot on a diet exclusively designed and managed by our nutritionist.


Stockyard Wagyu are independently graded and processed under our strict supervision to ensure production and quality specifications are met.


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The Dry Aging Process 


7 - 45 days

The beef loses up to 15% of its weight, causing the meat to shrink while the fats darken. The meat gradually becomes more tender as it slowly ages. 


46 - 70 days

The beef loses up to 20% of its weight and starts to develop the flavours and texture that dry-aged beef are well known for. The beef is now extremely tender with buttery and nutty flavours and a hint of umami.


71 days and above

The beef only loses a fraction more weight as the crust fully develops and protects the meat. This is when the beef starts to develop a deeper umami flavour, more buttery aroma, and a stronger nutty taste.